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From Yorik

Quantities bill blender script


This scripts creates a quantities bill from the selected objects. It separates the objects by material, then computes for each object either the volume, the total area or the total length and creates a new text in the text editor, formatted in CSV format, which you can save and open with any spreadsheet application.
For this script to be efficient, you need to be very careful when modelling, build proper meshes, according to the rules described in the script. It is a bit tedious but it is the right way to work with Blender. This is mostly made for small architecture projects, where you have linear elements, areas and volumes, to obtain a base to make a quick costs estimation.
Be sure to apply transformations to objects before running the script...
This script has been updated by people on blenderartists.org, so you'd better go there to grab a newer version...

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