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permalink:  173   posted on 27.07.2009 13:59
From Yorik
Hi Juank,
If your image was saved as jpg.tga, probably you specified jpg in the filename, but blender wanted to save in tga format, so it added the .tga extension after. Check on the render panel (F10) that your image output format is jpg, not tga. (Tga is fine too, but jpg is easier to view!). Check also the image size, because if you are going to print, you need a bit more resolution than just to watch on screen. I would say, if you are going to print an A4 size, you'll need at least something like 1600x1200 pixels. Then, re-render the image.
You cannot print directly from blender, but a jpg image is easy to print from any other program that can view the image.

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