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in categories  opensource  freecad  permalink:  205   posted on 28.11.2009 3:51
From Yorik
New features in FreeCAD

I'll summarize a bit what we've been doing recently. The biggest feature is the big improvements to the Drawing module. Basically you can now export any 2D view of a 3D Part object, on scale, on a svg sheet. It is already very powerful, you have total control from python to the output svg code, so you can tweak, fill, etc.
In the Draft module, we now have dimension objects working well, and they import/export to dxf format. There is also a first step to implementation of blocks, that is, you can create compounds objects by joining any type of geometry with the Upgrade tool, if no "smarter" object can be created. The downgrade tool will in turn explode compound objects.

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