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permalink:  23   posted on 07.02.2009 7:30
From Yorik
Hi everybody, thanks for the messages.

@Joel: Wow, you guys are quite organized! I wish you great success! I didn't know about that movie...

@Alan: I am not familiar with that, but I'm sure it is possible to export to DirectX from Blender... You should have a look on the net for explanations about that, i'm sure you'll find something.

@Gr8... : No, FreeCAD is still too young, and since it still has not much use, probably nobody would take time to include it in repositories now. But Debian guys are always looking at FreeCAD, and I'm sure that when it begins to be useful, it'll quickly be added to debian, and imediately after, to ubuntu. About problems installing draft, just tell me a bit more what's going wrong and maybe I can help you.

@Gudeta: Yes, blender is a bit weird at first look. But I swear to you, when you get used to it, you end up thinking it's the best interface ever invented Just a matter of getting used to it. For 2D, unfortunately there is nothing comparable to autocad in terms of productivity aroud. There are many good CAD programs that run on linux around (varicad, realcadd, etc) or you can even run autocad2000 very well under linux (with wine). but we'll need a bit more patience before seeing a real, productive, solid, open-source CAD program around. But don't loose hopes, there are many promising things being worked on nowadays...

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