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permalink:  244   posted on 12.10.2009 19:33
From Yorik
Hi cloo,
you are right... reloading the page reposts the data... Ill have a look at that.
About sweethome3d, I had seen it already... It is quite simple, but it confirms something I believe, that is that what is important is not that much that you have a big, all-in-one BIM solution, but that your software and the way you use it are made with modularity. If you draw your stuff with exportability and reusability in mind, any design application can become a BIM application. And they have some cool things (the doors and windows that insert automatically, etc)
About java in freecad, why not? I mean, the freecad source code is written in c++, so you cannot integrate pieces of java in it. But, having separate components written in java that dialog with other parts of freecad is well possible. This is what we already do with python.
About processing.org, I didnt know that, Ill have a better look at it, looks cool

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