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permalink:  245   posted on 12.10.2009 24:38
From michael a. beaver
Some photos we took in the new core of the Cantareira range. It is located halfway between Here is the iGoogle English translation of your wonderful web site for the pictures below. I am planning a trip to San Paulo so this was really helpful. Could you please consider having an alternative webblog in English (or did a miss it).

Sao Paulo and Guarulhos. It has 4 tracks, the largest is 6km, is of medium difficulty and a bit dull, the other 3 are smaller and much more varied. It has an artificial lake with a dam, and lots of water. And the best part is that there is almost no one. For those who think like me that bus travel can be a great experience socio-urban, it is worth to go by bus, picking up 337 of the Garden Acacio EMTU from the subway Tucuruvi. Ask to get off at school Maria Helena, the entrance is in front of the school. The trip takes about 40 minutes.

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