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permalink:  257   posted on 14.10.2009 16:50
From Yorik
Hi Khiraly,
Actually there is no tutorial like this yet... The basic move/rotate manipulators that FreeCAD has at the moment are not very good either. I am in the process of adapting the 2D draftng tools so they work in 3D. That means at least you will be able to move, rotate & scale things in 3D space.
I am also beginning a tutorial here:
But to my knowledge it is the very first FreeCAD tutorial around... After that I should indeed start another one with 3D. Basically you have two ways of working: Making planar things with the 2D drafting module and extruding them, or making 3D primitives and union/subtracting them. In next release of FreeCAD (end of this year) you will see a huge improvement already (You can see that already if you compile it yourself).
But it is very cool to see someone experimenting with FreeCAD, keep me informed if you make other things!

Edit: About your question nr.2, it is strange... Is the 2D drafting workbench available?

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