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permalink:  258   posted on 14.10.2009 21:44
From Khiraly
> Edit: About your question nr.2, it is strange... Is the 2D drafting workbench available?

I have downloaded:

I have read, that normally the freecad program should it include by default. Im on ubuntu jaunty 32 bit. Is there a separate package available somewhere what I missed?

> or making 3D primitives and union/subtracting them.

Im planning to do exactly this. Its called csg (constructive solid geometry), which is also a useful 3d technic, but its intuitive to learn and start to see the world this way ...

Back in university I have been teached to use Cadkey (does not exist anymore), although it was really hard to learn, and non-intuitive, once I have learn measure, union, difference, I started to build many awesome objects.

It seems cadkey really fits my needs, so Im ready to learn any non-intuitve world, to start modelling something useful;-)

> (You can see that already if you compile it yourself).

Is there a step-by-step commands list, how do you do? I know the generals, but there are always caveats. So if you could share your build log(what command you typed) even without any explication, would be really helpful.

Im definietly interested in freecad. I was looking for a free CAD software *years* and I never catched freecad (that it is *that* capable), until I recently didnt learn it on here:

Best regards,

ps: glad you responded that quickly. Thank you

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