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permalink:  270   posted on 17.10.2009 1:09
From khiraly
Yorick: do you have an idea why parts can not be created? I mean real parts not some mesh object (so real cylinder, cone, sphere, etc), to be able to use FreeCAD for some real CAD model.

Part->parametric-> box WORKS
Part->parametric->cylinder FREEZE (forcing quit, results the following line in gdb:
Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
[Switching to Thread 0xb3136710 (LWP 20892)]
0xb1ce0d32 in CSLib_Class2d::InternalSiDans () from /usr/lib/libTKMath-6.2.so
the full backtrace:
Part->parametric->sphere FREEZE
backtrace: http://pastebin.com/m299814d5

backtrace: http://pastebin.com/m3b939a2b

backtrace: http://pastebin.com/m686b39f4

Hope it helps something

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