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permalink:  272   posted on 18.10.2009 17:58
From Yorik
Hi Khiraly,

- Moving meshes doesn't work, indeed. Meshes were made as a kind of test object, at the beginning of FreeCAD, and were never very finished, so I never took much care of them in the Draft module. Better use directly Part object, much more powerful. I should nevethless add that when I have time...
- Freezes when adding new Part object is strange! I've never seen that before. Here everything works fine... It looks like the error comes from OpenCasCade, I wonder if it could be because yours is 6.2 (We're at 6.3 now)? Next Ubuntu release which will be out in a couple of days will have 6.3, maybe it'll solve the problem... Otherwise, since I'm not a big expert of OpenCasCade, it might be better to ask the other devs on the FreeCAD forum: http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/free-cad/index.php

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