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From Yorik
Our last competition project: A building for the architecture faculty of the Delft University. We made the project at 3, MaĆ­ra, Sander and me.

At first we thought we had absolutely no chance at all to win the project, so we'd better start on something that would serve us as an experience, instead of trying to win something. This allowed us not only to epurate completely everything of the surrounding "communication stuff", but also to explore all those interesting connections between graphics and architecture, and what comes before what.

We always use to think architecture like "we design spaces, then we draw those spaces", but of course, the very line we draw is actually very often defining, or creating a space. So we think spaces, then draw lines to draw them, and those lines create their own boundaries, and we "see" a space "we" created. In this project we got really crazy with those things, we drew things, we "saw" space in them, then drew those spaces, then the very drawing gave other, unexpected shapes and spaces, etc, etc. I don't know if there is something understandable in the result, but we had a fantastic experience and great discussions!

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