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permalink:  38   posted on 06.03.2009 22:04
From chris vdR
Hi Yorik!
I found your site through the Blender community and like what you're doing, especially the fact that you're obviously a Linux using architect.

So you guys are doing all the CAD drawing in Linux, huh? I mean, what does your workflow look like, if you get dwgs and have to proceed to work with them? Is AutoCAD under Wine the solution or have you found a reasonable alternative in Linux for technical drawing you can recommend?
Do you have a secret double boot Windows or have you found a way to completely stick to Linux? Any experience with IntelliCad?

An archi-student myself, I'm asking because I'm terribly tired of Windows but haven't found a reasonable way yet to substitute AutoCAD in Linux.
Sorry for asking so boldly, don't wanna turn your café littéraire into an FAQ section but I've been searching around for quite a while. Could help with the plain gross stupid jokes, though ;-)
Thx for your Blender-Tuts by the way, you're quite a trailblazer, man!
Thx a lot and greetings from Austria! (AuSSStria as Manu Chao calls it ;-)

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