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permalink:  64   posted on 24.03.2009 24:06
From Yorik
Hi Akoz,
I think the plans we produce for execution are like a big text, or a big code. The people who execute can read the code. This is very important, because a building is not made only of drawn information, but of many other details transmitted by that code. In that sense, I don't think you can transmit the same amount of information with 3D renderings.

But, the way we draw 2D plans is probably very obsolete. Who said we need to draw plans manually, line after line... That´s maybe where 3D can come. Maybe 3D is not to be used only to produce rendered images of models but probably 3D can be used to do more than that. At the moment it's quite hard to find (BIM software is not really something new), but it's probably the way to go, I think...

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