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permalink:  94   posted on 05.05.2009 11:47
From Olaf Encke
Installation of your new python-pivy works for me. For installation of FreeCAD I still needed to manually download and install packages.debian.org/de/squeeze/amd64/libopencascade-foundation-6.3.0 and packages.debian.org/de/squeeze/amd64/libopencascade-modeling-6.3.0 since the ubuntu repository only showed opencascade 6.2. You may put those links on your download page, too.
Btw, my FreeCAD installation only shows version 0.7 revision 1786 although the deb package said 2087. Is that correct or might there be any leftovers from the intrepid package I had installed before?
Thanks again.

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