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permalink:  328   posted on 23.03.2017 11:32
From Willem Basson
Commenting post 325: Hi Yorik,

As a complete novice to 3D parametric modelling, I had to make a decision in September last year whether it is worth my while to involve myself in it at all and, if so, would FreeCAD be the program worth my while investing in. After some research I decided, since I cannot afford the commercial packages anyway, to take the plunge and invest in learning the program and thereby grow together with FreeCAD. I downloaded the 12 very helpful 'FreeCAD Lessons for Beginners' and was soon able to tackle a complicated 3D architectural design problem that intrigued me for months that otherwise would have been too difficult for me to solve just making use of 2D methods. I also discovered that the parametric approach immediately enabled me to draw out site layouts program where missing dimensions sometimes have to be deduced from the others with far greater ease, which I then imported into my existing 2D CAD program - an immediate practical application for someone as 'green' as myself.

And now, 6 months down the line it looks like I may be doing my first full blown paid 3D job for a client on FreeCAD soon. This is blowing new life into a career that was threatened by redundancy. Very empowering.

I am delighted to read here how well FreeCAD is comparing with Revit. That is very reassuring.

Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude for the wonderful work you-, and the rest of the software development team, are doing.

If I may place my most pressing need on the 'development request wishlist' it would be for a series of tutorials for complete beginners, like those first 12 general ones I started off with, just focusing on the Architectural Workbench and BIM. I am really struggling to make proper full use of this workbench.



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