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permalink:  487   posted on 16.05.2018 3:05
From BC-carpenter
I added a new Window type too, which is a simple 4-pane sliding window. We use these a lot here in Brazil. I think we should add more prest types here... Remembering, of course, that the idea is not to have all possible window types listed here (that's the job of the library, see below), but let's say very common, or "archetype" window types. Any suggestion?

FreeCAD does not have a parametric 3 pane window type. I had already drawn this window in Sketchup, so I went to my component bin and imported the 10’ 3 pane window.ifc into FreeCAD, and I was able to precisely insert it into a pre-cut opening.
It imported as a group of BuildingElementProxies instead of as a window. (This is pretty much what Solibri reported as well.)
I renamed the group and the elements and reset their colour and transparency. I set the material for the frame to wood. There is not yet a glass material to specify.
I was not able to make it into a window which FreeCAD could recognize as such. The clone of the imported 10’ window which I inserted into the wall came in as a single entity and I could no longer edit it’s components or derive quantities from them.
I inserted an 8’ version of Yorik’s new 4 pane window in the wall, I had no luck setting a material for the 4 pane window, or editing the components. (I want to be able to derive quantities (especially mass) for all the materials in the model. This procedure worked well when I did a quantity survey on a simple reinforced concrete beam.)

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