Hi, this is my blog, and also a guestbook. I publish stuff I do from time to time. Be welcome and feel at home, have a coffee and don't hesitate to drop me a line or two. All languages are highly welcome, especially the most exotic ones (nederlands, bij voorbeeld...).

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From Yorik
Some sketches I removed from other posts and placed here instead

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From Yorik

no title

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From Yorik

in categories  bede  permalink:  180   posted on 24.12.2011 21:21
From Yorik
little preview of some vague new thing coming...

in categories  bede  sketches  permalink:  44   posted on 28.02.2011 21:44
From Yorik

in categories  bede  permalink:  33   posted on 24.12.2008 19:28
From Yorik

The hell on earth

Another graphic story made in Brugge in 1998, also unfinished I must confess. A more apocalyptic style, with no dialogs.

in categories  bede  permalink:  32   posted on 24.12.2008 19:27
From Yorik

Le voyage imaginaire

This is a graphic novel I made in Cape Town in 1999, with only worst possible quality pen and paper never really finished...

in categories  bede  permalink:  31   posted on 24.12.2008 19:25
From Yorik

Bédés avortées

Une BD que j'ai commencée avec Grégoire vers 2007...

Une autre que j'ai commencé vers la même époque, intitulée "le gavage hermétique"...