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in categories  blender  opensource  3d  gaming  permalink:  282   posted on 17.07.2013 24:08
From Yorik

Hiking day game

Work gave us a little break these last days, so I have been tinkering again with the blender game engine, and managed to get a finished game, my first game ever! It has been made with the Blender game engine, in 5 days (plus a couple of more days for testing, optimizing and bug-killing), so please excuse the poor finishes....

It is a first-person adventure game, set in a mountains environment. I will not reveal the plot, but it begins like this: You were hiking in the mountains, by a fair summer day, when suddenly...

The game is totally opensource and the files are available on github. There are also ready-to-play versions of the game:

Enjoy, and if you happen to try it please tell me what you thought, I am very new to game making and critics are highly welcome...