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in categories  sketches  permalink:  486   posted on 13.05.2018 4:59
From Yorik
Todays sketches with USKSP at parque da Aclimação

in categories  sketches  permalink:  481   posted on 01.05.2018 7:07
From Yorik
And one more from todays sketchjam

in categories  sketches  permalink:  480   posted on 30.04.2018 4:21
From Yorik
Todays sketches with Urban Sketchers São Paulo at the Mercado Municipal

in categories  sketches  permalink:  478   posted on 22.04.2018 23:51
From Yorik
Yesterdays sketches with Urban Sketchers São Paulo, at the Arquivo Histórico Municipal (next to metro Tiradentes), and one I did on a rainy Paulista avenue last week...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  471   posted on 09.04.2018 2:29
From Yorik
Sketch of today with Urban Sketchers São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  464   posted on 31.03.2018 2:17
From Yorik
Two sketches of today at the No Arouche cultural center, nobody in the streets and the sun hitting hard...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  459   posted on 26.03.2018 21:11
From Yorik
Yesterdays sketches at Casa das Caldeiras with Uban Sketchers São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  456   posted on 18.03.2018 4:28
From Yorik
Todays sketches with São Paulo Urban sketchers

in categories  sketches  permalink:  449   posted on 05.03.2018 1:15
From Yorik
Todays sketches with USKSP at Catavento museum in São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  448   posted on 04.03.2018 1:25
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  444   posted on 28.02.2018 21:54
From Yorik
Other sketches...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  443   posted on 17.02.2018 24:34
From Yorik
Sketches of the day at Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  436   posted on 21.01.2018 1:23
From Yorik
A quick one over lunch...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  435   posted on 13.01.2018 20:56
From Yorik
First sketches of the year...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  426   posted on 13.12.2017 19:57
From Yorik
A drawing of Mop, and 2 others made at São Francisco Xavier..

in categories  sketches  permalink:  425   posted on 03.12.2017 1:37
From Yorik
Today's sketches at Goethe Institut São Paulo with São Paulo Urban Sketchers

in categories  sketches  permalink:  419   posted on 11.11.2017 24:23
From Yorik
Todays drawings with the São Paulo Urban Sketchers group, at the iconic Copan by Oscar Niemeyer. By very far my favorite of his works...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  416   posted on 04.11.2017 23:25
From Yorik
Todays drawings, Rua 7 de Abril and Praça da República in São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  410   posted on 22.10.2017 24:03
From Yorik
A couple of sketches a did in San Francisco. Didn't really choose much the views, unfortunately, I mostly sat and drew where there was a cool place to sit and have a coffee...

Telegraph Hill

Fisherman's Wharf

Union Square

Federal Building

The Embarcadero

Jewish Museum

Twin Peaks

in categories  sketches  permalink:  409   posted on 08.10.2017 1:03
From Yorik
Todays drawings at Praça Benedito Calixto plus two quick ones I made this week in the bus and at UFABC

in categories  sketches  permalink:  405   posted on 10.09.2017 24:15
From Yorik

Urban sketchers meeting in São Paulo

4 days sketching through São Paulo with 250 people from whole Brazil and beyond...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  402   posted on 03.09.2017 24:18
From Yorik
At the new SESC 24 de Maio in São Paulo, incredible project by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  401   posted on 02.09.2017 3:34
From Yorik
Quick sketch today after lunch

in categories  sketches  permalink:  397   posted on 28.08.2017 1:09
From Yorik
Aquarelas de hoje, uma ruim e uma muito ruim...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  395   posted on 13.08.2017 2:58
From Yorik
Two drawings I did today at Galeria Nova Barão and Viaduto do Chá in São Paulo

in categories  sketches  permalink:  388   posted on 30.07.2017 3:37
From Yorik
Daily sketches

in categories  sketches  permalink:  385   posted on 24.07.2017 4:32
From Yorik
Couple of bad ones this week, just for the record... The last one was waiting for a concert to begin

in categories  sketches  permalink:  384   posted on 16.07.2017 24:24
From Yorik
Traditional Sunday Minhocão sketch

in categories  sketches  permalink:  383   posted on 16.07.2017 3:13
From Yorik
Today's drawing with Urban Sketchers São Paulo, in São Paulo city centre.

in categories  sketches  permalink:  382   posted on 06.07.2017 2:43
From Yorik
Drawing I did today at praça Roosevelt

in categories  sketches  permalink:  371   posted on 26.06.2017 1:13
From Yorik
Drawings I did today on the Minhocão. First aquarelle in ages, there is work down the road...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  368   posted on 11.06.2017 2:54
From Yorik
Todays drawings with Urban Sketchers São Paulo, at Vila Maria Zélia, a 1917 housing compound built for factory workers

in categories  sketches  permalink:  365   posted on 05.06.2017 2:45
From Yorik
Chinese ink, on the Minhocão

in categories  sketches  permalink:  364   posted on 04.06.2017 3:35
From Yorik
A quick drawing made today in Higienopolis...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  360   posted on 28.05.2017 3:21
From Yorik
Today's drawings with Urban Sketchers São Paulo, at Horto Florestal park

in categories  sketches  permalink:  357   posted on 08.05.2017 1:26
From Yorik
Today's drawings with #USKSP at São PAulo Pinacoteca, in the middle of a pretty cool antique car fair...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  342   posted on 29.04.2017 24:56
From Yorik
The sketches of the day with Uban Sketchers São Paulo at Ibirapuera Auditorium

in categories  sketches  permalink:  332   posted on 10.04.2017 1:29
From Yorik
More sketches!

These I made with Uban Sketchers São Paulo at the Água Branca park today:

There were made with Fabien in the city center this week:

And these a bit too fast last week at the MUBE:

in categories  sketches  permalink:  331   posted on 27.03.2017 16:14
From Yorik
One more dose, first time withUrban Sketchers São Paulo, at rua Avanhandava

in categories  sketches  permalink:  330   posted on 26.03.2017 24:04
From Yorik
Some sketches of yesterday at the CCSP

in categories  sketches  permalink:  241   posted on 08.08.2016 3:19
From Yorik

Het bevroren vuur revisited

in categories  works  sketches  animations  permalink:  134   posted on 01.10.2015 24:43
From Yorik

RankDone animations

Two hand-drawn animations we did for rankdone. All made with Pencil2D.

in categories  sketches  bede  permalink:  109   posted on 04.08.2014 5:31
From Yorik

no title

in categories  bede  sketches  permalink:  16   posted on 10.01.2014 23:47
From Yorik

in categories  works  3d  blender  sketches  permalink:  316   posted on 06.09.2013 5:10
From Yorik

More hand + cycles images

A couple of new images, rendered with cycles with very basic volumes and materials, and finished by hand with the gimp. The project is by Adriana Furst.

in categories  blender  3d  sketches  permalink:  251   posted on 16.04.2013 1:09
From Yorik

Storyboards always

I realized how important storyboard were when I saw David Revoy's amazing work on the Tears of Steel movie. Until then I hadn't realized this was something actually doable, draw the whole movie before doing the 3D. I discovered it is not only perfectly doable, but also incredibly useful.

This is the storyboard we did for a recent work. If you do animations, always do a storyboard before, no matter how good your drawing skills are. The time you'll save later and the understanding between you and your client will raise tremendously. It also serve you as a guide throughout the job, when you were able to build a scene that produces the corresponding image from the storyboard, you can mark it as done, and you have a clear view of your progress.

Also try to do bring most of the discussions at storyboard time, and you'll have very little to change to the scenes structure later on.

This is the complete storyboard:

And this is the content of our "final images" folder. Some sequences changed after the storyboard, but the general shape of the animation stayed the same.

See bigger images here.

in categories  blender  sketches  works  3d  permalink:  186   posted on 05.12.2012 18:29
From Yorik

cycles + hand renders

More of those images made in gimp on top of a cycles render... Project by Adriana Furst. The last one is a garden design made 100% in gimp. Why use autocad anymore?

in categories  works  blender  sketches  3d  permalink:  139   posted on 01.08.2012 18:59
From Yorik

cycles + hand drawings

Two new images made with cycles (+ hand finish in gimp) for a project by Adriana Furst...

in categories  works  3d  sketches  permalink:  83   posted on 18.05.2012 19:19
From Yorik

Hand rendering, and cycles test

A hand rendering I did for a house by Adriana Furst. Below is also a little test with the cycles renderer. Doing exterior lighting with cycles is a bit tricky, but it can surely give amazing results, I need to try more...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  61   posted on 17.04.2012 22:36
From Yorik
Fluffy the attack dog

in categories  sketches  permalink:  41   posted on 21.03.2012 1:04
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  40   posted on 20.03.2012 2:18
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  30   posted on 11.03.2012 21:45
From Yorik

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  27   posted on 07.03.2012 16:57
From Yorik
residencial hand renderings

Project by Adriana Furst.

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  178   posted on 12.12.2011 22:04
From Yorik

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  163   posted on 17.11.2011 21:37
From Yorik

Aerial hand perspective

Project by Adriana Furst

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  149   posted on 27.09.2011 18:49
From Yorik

Comic-style arch render

A hand rendering I did yesterday for a building in São Paulo. The main building is based on a quick 3D rendering (no textures, just a sunlight and a bit of ambient occlusion), the neighbours were just drawn from scratch (a bit too quickly I admit) using photos as references. Since the viewpoint is in reality impossible (it would be inside a building on the other side of the street), there was no way to use real photos anyway. Project by Mario Francisco Arquitetura.

Other images done later...

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  138   posted on 22.08.2011 2:25
From Yorik

Hand drawings

More hand drawings! Not totally hand drawings actually, since they are based on a basic 3D model...

Project by Adriana Furst.

in categories  sketches  works  permalink:  135   posted on 01.08.2011 24:16
From Yorik

House sketch

project by Adriana Furst

in categories  sketches  works  permalink:  92   posted on 31.05.2011 6:13
From Yorik

blenderhand drawings

These 2 drawings were made on top of a very quick & simple rendering. I think I prefer the "distorted" aspect of hand-made perspective, over perfect conputer-generated perspectives like this one, but having all your main color layers already separated for you by blender (walls, glass, vegetation, roof, backgound and edges) instead of having to fillpaint everything by hand makes you earn several hours. And it's quite refreshing to see your own drawings look different...

Project by Adriana Furst.

in categories  sketches  works  permalink:  84   posted on 04.05.2011 22:04
From Yorik

Event space

A couple of hand drawings of an event project... Time to try some manga style!

in categories  sketches  works  permalink:  68   posted on 08.04.2011 1:05
From Yorik

more hand drawings

Those are not totally hand-drawings anymore, since I am recently very inspired by David Revoy's work, I decided to try painting over a simple 3D render. For these images I also developed an exr import plugin so I could import a blender render easily into the gimp with all its render layers already separated into gimp layers.

Project by Adriana Furst.

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  61   posted on 05.04.2011 2:31
From Yorik

2 hand drawings fo an "Interior Mineiro"-style house

I begin to lightpaint everything with gradients now... Project by Adriana Furst

in categories  sketches  permalink:  48   posted on 05.03.2011 23:20
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  47   posted on 05.03.2011 5:33
From Yorik
A sketch for the cgtalk daily sketch! It's a view from my window, showing Augusta Street, heart of São Paulo's nightlife...

in categories  bede  sketches  permalink:  44   posted on 28.02.2011 21:44
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  43   posted on 25.02.2011 4:51
From Yorik

in categories  orange  sketches  permalink:  31   posted on 15.02.2011 21:59
From Yorik

Searching for the villain

Contrarily to my first idea, I'm more and more thinking the villain must have a fat GI look, not an "alternative", thin look, so it can be drawn in a more Bilal style...

in categories  orange  sketches  permalink:  28   posted on 04.02.2011 2:20
From Yorik
Characters study... Nothing right yet, though

in categories  orange  sketches  opensource  permalink:  25   posted on 28.01.2011 24:21
From Yorik

Orange storyboard

This is more or less the storyboard of the story. There are 10 scenes, outside titles and probably something after the final title which I still don't know, an explosion or something. The characters are still not well defined, but surely enough the group of aliens will be of all different races, and probably have a kind of children's animated movie look. The villain I'm still not sure, but I'll try to find something better than the typical GI look he has here. I'll also need to design better spaceships, but I liked that they look like eggs so full of bombs they're about to explode...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  20   posted on 22.01.2011 24:45
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  326   posted on 19.12.2010 18:53
From Yorik

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  283   posted on 08.12.2010 1:29
From Yorik
2 more hand drawings. Projects by Adriana Furst.

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  203   posted on 22.11.2010 17:44
From Yorik

Some more hand drawings

A couple of drawings we've been doing...

These 2 are for a house project by Adriana Furst.

And the following 2 for a housing lot project by MS arquitetura.

in categories  works  projects  sketches  permalink:  130   posted on 29.08.2010 24:17
From Yorik

Multi-use occupation

A small (not so small actually, it's more or less half a million m²) project I've been working on these days... Unfortunately, as usual, my idea didn't interest people much, and the final drawings ended up as you can see below. Anyway, here they are for your viewing pleasure...

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  113   posted on 27.07.2010 23:45
From Yorik

Project by Adriana Furst.

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  109   posted on 21.07.2010 19:59
From Yorik
3 hand-drawn images of a shopping mall project

in categories  sketches  permalink:  107   posted on 20.07.2010 6:14
From Yorik
Another cgtalk daily sketch, called "alien landscape". Not very sure what I tried to do, but here it is:

in categories  sketches  permalink:  106   posted on 16.07.2010 3:22
From Yorik
My latest dailysketch at cgtalk...

in categories  sketches  opensource  permalink:  86   posted on 13.06.2010 2:41
From Yorik

I also made a fluxbox theme with that image...

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  83   posted on 07.06.2010 17:10
From Yorik
One more hand-drawn image...

project by Adriana Furst

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  72   posted on 20.05.2010 6:40
From Yorik
Two more hand drawings, 100% done in gimp... Project by Adriana Furst

in categories  sketches  permalink:  65   posted on 30.04.2010 1:21
From Yorik
The winners

A sketch for cgtalk daily sketch...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  60   posted on 25.04.2010 1:54
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  59   posted on 24.04.2010 20:30
From Yorik
2 last sketches for the cgtalk daily sketch

in categories  sketches  permalink:  58   posted on 24.04.2010 7:48
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  opensource  permalink:  55   posted on 22.04.2010 22:52
From Yorik
Playing with the wacom

Following the example of Chico & Cícero, I got myself a new wacom tablet (bamboo pen&touch), what a difference with the (RIP) genius... The touch is completely different, the pentip and the pas surface are much harder and the pen can be tilted very low. The touchpad is a bit annoying (sometimes it detects a hand movement while you are drawing), so I quickly set up a mechanism to disable it. The installation under linux was a bit of pain, but now it works like a charm. And it has an eraser. Here are the first drawings I did with it...

For who is struggling to install the thing under linux, I wrote my method here:

in categories  sketches  permalink:  54   posted on 16.04.2010 6:41
From Yorik

in categories  sketches  permalink:  45   posted on 06.04.2010 4:03
From Yorik
Another harmony drawing...

in categories  opensource  sketches  permalink:  41   posted on 24.03.2010 17:48
From Yorik
2 more "randomic creations"... First one made with harmony, other one with alchemy...

in categories  opensource  sketches  permalink:  40   posted on 23.03.2010 21:45
From Yorik
Drawn in less than 2 minutes with Harmony


in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  37   posted on 23.03.2010 1:36
From Yorik
Another house handpainting! Project by Adriana Furst

This time done with myPaint, and a bit of Gimp on top...

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  305   posted on 06.12.2009 19:49
From Yorik
Two hand-made drawings of a country house project...

in categories  sketches  permalink:  304   posted on 06.12.2009 19:47
From Yorik
An invite drawing for a friend's wedding, all drawn in mypaint, layout made in inkscape:

in categories  architecture  works  projects  sketches  permalink:  273   posted on 31.10.2009 17:38
From Yorik
Esboços para uma casa

Aqui está uma proposta de casa que fiz com a Maíra um tempo atrás. Está baseada nos seguintes conceitos:
  1. Não há necessidade de construir 4 pavimentos, como pedido inicialmente. O terreno é bastante grande (760m²) para poder fazer algo mais baixo.
  2. Nos pareceu melhor adotar uma configuração de "páteo" (os cômodos em volta de um jardim central) em vez de "torre" (os cômodos empilhados), porque daqui alguns anos terão vizinhos e as fachadas da casa estarão olhando para as paredes dos vizinhos, e também para aproveitar melhor o terreno grande e o belo paisagismo que daria para fazer nele.
  3. Na região nordeste, devido ao calor, os cômodos mais agradáveis são os que ficam adossados ao solo, porque a inércia do solo mantém o frescor. Nos parece melhor usar esses lugares privilegiados para quartos do que para carros.
  4. O páteo pode virar um tipo de "vale verde", formando taludes com a terra retirada das escavações, reaproveitando ela.
  5. Trabalhando em meio-níveis, a gente consegue um projeto muito paisagístico com pouquíssimas escadas e que fica muito baixo (a cota máxima está em 4.50m em relação à rua)
Fizemos então alguns desenhos de uma solução que imaginamos para a casa:

Este é uma vista geral da proposta. Botamos muito foco na vegetação, porque o terreno é grande e representa uma oportunidade muito boa de fazer um projeto muito integrado à natureza. Os blocos que contem os diferentes cômodos são protegidos por lajes ou telhados verdes, e tudo se abre para dentro, em volta de um "vale verde" central. Os carros ficam simplesmente abrigados em baixo de uma cobertura, liberando os espaços mais interessantes para usos melhores.

A imagem acima mostra a implantação (a rua está a esquerda). 1 é a entrada dos carros, 2 o "vale verde", 3 a aba principal, 4 a cobertura para os carros

A imagem acima mostra a entrada, a cobertura para os carros (que pode ser leve, metálica ou madeira), e no fundo, a entrada da casa. Atras da cobertura dos carros aparece a "torre" com a suíte principal

Acima está a planta do térreo. 1 é o estacionamento coberto para 4 carros, 2 contém área de serviço, lavabo, etc, 3 é uma cozinha semi-fechada que dá no 4, sala de jantar e 5, sala de estar. Todos esses espaços estão na cota 0, ou seja no nível da rua. O 6 é um estar íntimo, situado meio-nível mais baixo (cota -1.50).

Acima está a planta do andar superior, situado na cota +1.50 (meio-nível para cima). O único espaço a este nível é a suíte principal (5). As janelas ficam em cima das coberturas 3 e 4, que podem também ser telhados verdes (alias, isso providenciaria uma isolação térmica fantástica)

Este é a planta do subsolo (nível -1 em relação à rua, ou +/- cota -2.50). 1, 3, 4 e 5 são quartos, 2 são banheiros e 6 é um espaço aberto de convivência. Se chega aqui passando pela sala íntima (n°6 na planta do térreo). Todos os espaços estão abertos para o "vale verde" e nenhum quarto olha diretamente num outro quarto. Os banheiros recebem luz e ventilação pelo teto (eles estão um pouco fora da projeção dos pavimentos superiores)

Este é a vista do "vale verde", com a sala intima + suíte principal a esquerda, o bloco principal com quartos, cozinha, salas de jantar e estar a direita. Entre os dois terão as escadas.

in categories  sketches  architecture  idsampa  projects  permalink:  226   posted on 30.09.2009 1:39
From Yorik

#idsampa 02: Transformar o minhocão em parque

Isto é uma ideia óbvia, que muitas outras pessoas já tiveram antes de mim, em São Paulo como em várias outras partes do mundo. O minhocão, para quem não vive em São Paulo, é um viaduto implantado de maneira totalmente catastrófica em volta do centro da cidade nos anos 70, destruindo o tecido social de vários bairros. Hoje, forma um "atalho" entre o leste e oeste da cidade, porque permite evitar o centro. Forma, diríamos, um micro-rodoanel.

A questão é de saber o que aconteceria se o minhocão não existisse. Entupiria o centro da cidade, como se temia na época em que foi criado? Eu me pergunto se ao contrário o minhocão não induz mais circulação, e que sem ele o fluxo de carros, em vez de se descarregar nas ruas do centro da cidade, não diminuiria, simplesmente.

O que fazer com o minhocão inutilizado então? Destruí-lo seria gastar mais dinheiro em vão, então porque não transformar ele em um parque gigantesco? O centro da cidade seria transformado, ganharia um cinto verde. Abrindo buracos e escadas, daria até para iluminar um pouco a avenida em baixo. E o prazer de circular a pé e de bicicleta no minhocão no domingo, que aconselho muito provar se você não conhece, seria permitido todos os dias.

Onde já foi feito algo similar:
  • New York: Um antiga linha de trem elevada foi reconvertida em parque suspendido

  • Singapore: O centro da cidade passou por um processo incrível de limpeza e incentivo ecológico, e é hoje a megacidade mais "verde" do mundo.

in categories  architecture  projects  idsampa  sketches  permalink:  210   posted on 13.09.2009 20:10
From Yorik

#IDSAMPA 01: Conversão das marginais em praias

Totalmente absurdo? Impossível? Talvez... Mas nunca pensou que talvez, colocar mais 12 faixas nas marginais não vai fluidificar transito, mas simplesmente aumentar o número de carros nas marginais? E que os rios estão neste estado não tanto porque administrações, indústrias e cidadões despejam alegremente seus esgotos dentro, mas porque, já que não é possível chegar perto, não despertam nenhum sentimento de apropriação e portanto são considerados como esgoto por todo mundo?
Portanto, talvez retirar as vias marginais, em vez de duplica-las, poderia, quem sabe, ter o efeito inverso? Talvez não ia entupir o resto das avenidas da cidade, porque ia forçar os motoristas a repensar seus hábitos? Talvez ter praia em São Paulo ia ser um evento tão incrível que consiga alcançar os municípios a montante e incitar eles a também iniciar operações de limpeza do rio? E quem sabe, até os iredutíveis motoristas ficariam tão encantados que perdoariam a retirada das marginais...

Onde já foi feito algo parecido:
  • Zürich: Pode beber água de qualquer rio da cidade, e em toda a cidade tem decks, piscinas e outras instalações para as pessoas poder tomar banho
  • Seoul: Limparam o rio principal da cidade, que estava num estado próximoao Tietê...
  • Paris: Fizeram um parque gigantesco (La Villette), em cima de uma área pos-industrial totalmente desgastada.

in categories  sketches  permalink:  193   posted on 24.08.2009 2:18
From Yorik
Weekend graphical divagations with new alchemy and mypaint toys...

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  180   posted on 11.08.2009 24:06
From Yorik
2 sketches of a country home project

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  177   posted on 28.07.2009 1:08
From Yorik
An interior hand drawing

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  148   posted on 15.07.2009 13:35
From Yorik
A quick sketch drawing for a house

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  60   posted on 19.03.2009 18:32
From Yorik
one quick drawing

in categories  works  sketches  permalink:  4   posted on 12.01.2009 19:22
From Yorik
The first works of the year!

in categories  sketches  permalink:  23   posted on 01.12.2008 17:22
From Yorik