Works from 2011

This is the complete collection of works done in 2011. See the guestblog page for more recent works.

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From Yorik

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From Yorik

Aerial hand perspective

Project by Adriana Furst

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From Yorik

Costa do Ipê Parque Shopping

This is the first part of our project for an open-air shopping mall in the city of Marilia, in the interior of São Paulo state, Brazil. The localization of the project is outside of the central commercial area of the city, in a fast-growing residencial area. The clients, being designers themselves, approached us with an already very developed idea of what they needed and wanted, and cleaver views on the project development and viabilization.

Explaining the project is actually very simple, it has shops on the ground floor, with an "entrance" open court designed to host bars and restaurants that can stay open late, and an upper floor with has a big deck with restaurants, and offices which are not accessible to the public, so you must pass through a recepcion to access them. A centtral "circulation hub" connects everything with a ramp and a possible elevator.

We almost immediately settled on a dynamic, open solution, that tried to be the contrary of a classical shopping mall: instead of surrounding a circulation area with a box made of shops, we tried to make people surround the shops, allowing them to "occupy" the place. As a result, a very wide variety of "places" emerged from the project, each one with a different quality. You have small, intimate spaces, bigger open gardens, little corners between 2 courts, coffee-breaks in the middle of your shopping parcours, roof terraces, decks, bridges, etc. All made to be public or semi-public, all easy to be "owned" by the public.
Another quality that rose from the exploded configuration is the very dynamic character of the project and its many anchors to the surroundings. It has many entrances, many connections, and, although the spatial organization might seem cahotic, very fluid circulation paths.

The buildings themselves are very simple by intent. We are trying to keep the general budget as low and under control as possible, to be able to spend money on specific items, such as the metallic parts or the vegetation, and because we and the clients all have a same desire to prove that we can do quality spaces with a low budget. We also tried to make the project leave the smallest possible footprint on its environment.

The project also tries to be very flexible. The proportion of offices and shops is not fixed and will depend on the investors, so any section of offices can be converted into shops or vice-versa without any further project modification, and the shops and office can have about any size, all the closing elements being modular.

Architects: Client: Zeus ltda

Veja também abaixo:

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From Yorik
o video do nosso projeto para o Costa do Ipê Parque shopping.

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From Yorik
Algumas imagens do projeto acima...

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From Yorik

Existing shopping animation

This is another animation we did to show the first phase of an extension project. The main building exists, and was modelled from photos. All made, modeled, rendered, composited and edited in blender.

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From Yorik

Hotel animation

This is the animation the previous images were taken from. Project by Coltro Ferrari Arquitetura. Enjoy!

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From Yorik

Hotel renderings

A couple of renders for a hotel project. 100% blender internal... The full animation is available here. Project by Coltro Ferrari Arquitetura.

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From Yorik

Comic-style arch render

A hand rendering I did yesterday for a building in São Paulo. The main building is based on a quick 3D rendering (no textures, just a sunlight and a bit of ambient occlusion), the neighbours were just drawn from scratch (a bit too quickly I admit) using photos as references. Since the viewpoint is in reality impossible (it would be inside a building on the other side of the street), there was no way to use real photos anyway. Project by Mario Francisco Arquitetura.

Other images done later...

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From Yorik

Hand drawings

More hand drawings! Not totally hand drawings actually, since they are based on a basic 3D model...

Project by Adriana Furst.

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From Yorik

House sketch

project by Adriana Furst

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From Yorik


This is a project we recently made with Sander and Angelica for the factory of cachaça 51, the largest and probably the most famous cachaça manufacturer worldwide. They are currently spread over several buildings in town and wanted a new building that would gather all administrative functions in one place, close to the main factory facilicy.

The main idea is to create a dialog with the existing reservoirs on the factory site. Those reservoirs contain the different ingredients used to make cachaça and other byproducts. They are a very important mark in the landscape, and have even become a touristic attraction in the city.

We also proposed a building that is symbolically strongly bound to the 51 brand. The number 51 appears everywhere in the project. The building is made of 6 blocks of 3 floors, connected by bridges inside a central atrium. The construction system is simple, the "cubes" can be made with a wide range of techniques, from steelframe to classical concrete structure, and the atrium has very small spans.

The central atrium connects everything in the building, and is the main space that visitors discover when they enter the facility. It has an interior garden, a "street bar", a museum, and all the bridges used to transit from a block to another. The functions inside the building are spread from the most public, right next to the entrance, to the most private, up the third floor.

On the terrain, behind the building, are also a new parking lot and a garden, and a pedestrian path that connects the administrative building to the factory.

The .blend file is available here.

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From Yorik

blenderhand drawings

These 2 drawings were made on top of a very quick & simple rendering. I think I prefer the "distorted" aspect of hand-made perspective, over perfect conputer-generated perspectives like this one, but having all your main color layers already separated for you by blender (walls, glass, vegetation, roof, backgound and edges) instead of having to fillpaint everything by hand makes you earn several hours. And it's quite refreshing to see your own drawings look different...

Project by Adriana Furst.

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From Yorik

Event space

A couple of hand drawings of an event project... Time to try some manga style!

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From Yorik

more hand drawings

Those are not totally hand-drawings anymore, since I am recently very inspired by David Revoy's work, I decided to try painting over a simple 3D render. For these images I also developed an exr import plugin so I could import a blender render easily into the gimp with all its render layers already separated into gimp layers.

Project by Adriana Furst.

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From Yorik
Meanwhile, we've been doing some background work on a really big project...

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From Yorik

Half-a-day work on a shopping mall

These images (project by HVC Arquitetura were made in half-a-day, on top of a sketchup model of the building. All the "sauce" was added directly in blender. I also tried some normal mapping on the google earth imagery, but it is a very weak paliative to the lack of real environment modeling...

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From Yorik

2 hand drawings fo an "Interior Mineiro"-style house

I begin to lightpaint everything with gradients now... Project by Adriana Furst

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From Yorik

One more shopping mall animation

We just finished this one, all made in blender. The interior lighting this time was made only with ambient occlusion. No lights at all, except a sunlight to show the sun rays through the windows. Then, this nodes setup was applied to enhance the colouring. The architecture project is by HVC Arquitetura. Enjoy!

Still images available below...

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From Yorik
And here are a couple of still images extracted from the above animation...

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From Yorik

Execution project of a dispensary

Meanwhile, we've been doing the execution project of this small health facility in Brazil...

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From Yorik

Floor plan renderings

A couple of rendered floor plans for an older project we've been doing images for... Usually those plans are rendered with an orthographic camera, but here the client asked specifically for the perspective effect, and we found it so nice that we applied it to the site view too...