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last update: 24.12.2009

Yorik's textures

This is a collection of free alpha textures I made over time. They are all 100% made by me and are under a creative commons license, so basically you are free to download and use these textures the way you want, even in commercial work. If you find them useful, I am always glad to hear about it...

Plants & Vegetation

These are made with ngPlant, see the greenhouse and the ngPlant plugin pages.

beech top beech bougainvillea top bougainvillea elm eucalyptus ginger jacaranda
oak palm top 01 palm top 02 palm top 03 palm top 04 palm


These are made at home, with a home-made bluescreen

Creative Commons License These textures by Yorik van Havre are licensed under a Creative Commons License.