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This site is my personal homepage. You'll find here my own architecture projects, drawings I made for other architects, and an ever growing open source section containing tutorials and other projects I participate. For the most adventurous reader, there is also a personnal section containing, well, all kind of stuff...
So feel free to browse around, have fun, and if you liked (or not), or if you have any question I might be able to respond, don't hesitate to leave me a message on the guestblog. I'm also on

updated on 05.05.2014
Our architecture studio, located in São Paulo, Brazil.
O nosso estúdio de arquitetura, localizado em São Paulo, Brasil.
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added on 01.01.2009
The Guestblog 
This is my blog and also where things happen on this site. I post there about almost everything I do, so be sure to check it for fresh news. It is open for anyone to read and write, so don't hesitate to leave me some comments!

Architecture projects

This section presents architecture projects completely made and conceived by myself or in collaboration with friends. Feel free to download and reuse the available files.

added on 28.07.2014
Belo Horizonte administrative center  blend   blend   license
A competition entry for the Belo Horizonte Administrative Centre competition, made with Maíra.
added on 11.12.2013
Yaroslavl Spartacus Alive  license
A competition entry for the Yaroslavl Spartacus Alive competition in Yaroslavl, Russia, made with Maíra.
added on 11.12.2013
Mercado Público de Florianópolis  blend   license
A proposal for a new roof for the central open space of the Public Market of Florianópolis, Brazil, made with Maíra.
added on 25.09.2013
Parque Augusta 
Uma proposta para o Parque Augusta em São Paulo, Brasil, feita com Maíra. English text available here.
added on 17.05.2012
Lanxess factory 
A green factory project in Brazil, made with Maíra and Mário Francisco Arquitetura. The buildings are totally open, rely heavily on natural ventilation and lighting.
added on 06.11.2011
Costa do Ipê Parque Shopping 
An ongoing project made with Maíra for an open mall in Marília.
added on 27.07.2011
A theorical neighbourhood-wide green roof project made with Maíra for the Gowanus canal competition in New York.
added on 01.07.2011
Casa Grégoire 
A project of a house for Lívia and Grégoire made with Maíra. The idea is a very simple shell, made with bioconstruction, that simply defines a frame in a garden.
added on 29.06.2011
51  blend
A project made with Maíra, Angélica and Sander for the cachaça 51 in Brazil.
added on 18.11.2010
Interlagos  blend   license
A proposal Maíra and me made for the Interlagos Formula One circuit in Brazil. The whole project was made in collaboration with HVC Arquitetura, and rendered this animation.
added on 13.06.2010
Open Mall  blend   license
A project Maíra and me made for an open shopping mall in Brazil. It is a solid, dense stack of shops and offices wrapped around an oasis-like tropical courtyard. More images and 3D files here.
added on 19.03.2010
Frei Caneca  license
A project entry for the Frei Caneca competition in São Paulo. The project is actually a "non-project", made of 100 micro-interventions without any masterplan. Made with Angelica, Maíra & Sander. More images here.
added on 13.09.2009
Open Fort 400  blend   license
A project entry for the OpenFort 400 competition in Amsterdam. The proposal investigates density, stacking, and infectious spots as ferment for innovative urban design. More images here.
added on 15.02.2009
Delft Faculteit Bouwkunde  license
A quite theorical competition project for the new Faculteit Bouwkunde building of the Delft University, that was, although the result is far from usual, a tremendous reflexion experience. Made with Maíra & Sander.
added on 23.05.2008
Bodø City Harbour Competition  license
This is a competition for the transformation of the old harbour of Bodø, Norway, into a living city waterfront. The project was made with Angelica, Maíra & Sander.
added on 01.07.2008
Kallari chocolate factory competition 
This is an entry for a competition held by Arch for Humanity in Ecuador. The proposal gathers different "modules" under one big slab-like roof, assembled like a space station. The full entry documents can be found here.
added on 14.05.2008
This quick project was sketched in a couple of days and never went further than that. Neverthless, since we got total freedom to design what we wanted, the experience got interesting...
added on 11.06.2007
Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação   blend   license
This is a project for a new facilities center for the NGO Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação in Brazil. It is hosted on OAN since it is an open participation project. Come have a look and help us...