3 cool linux game demos I'm playing these days

I'm currently playing these 3 demos, all run natively on linux, the full games have a fair price too, I still don't know which one I'll buy first, but I like all 3 games a lot...

1. revenge of the titans Website: http://www.puppygames.net/revenge-of-the-titans/

This is a pretty cool kind of mix between a guard tower and a realtime strategy game. It has a retro old pixel games look, but don't be fooled, the graphics are extremely polished. And the gameplay is just excellent, it is really, really addictive... It is a java webstart application, so you just head to the site, click the "download and run" button and it runs, no need to install anything. The demo is quite big, gives you a good amount of play hours, and the full version costs US$ 21.

Amnesia: the dark descent Website: http://www.amnesiagame.com/

I had never seen this kind of game before (although the same company made another one of the same type before). It's a first-person horror game. The atmosphere is really fantastic. If you put yourself in the right mood, play alone in the house, turn off all lights and use a good sound system for the game audio, it gets really scary! You basically hang around in some strange, dark, haunted places, try to understand, solve enigmas, and try not to get mad... No guns, ennemies to shoot (well, not in the classical sense let's say). The demo comes as a self-installable archive, just download and run it and it installs where you indicate. The full version costs US$ 20.

Doom 3 Website: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/doom/

Doom 3 is a pretty old game already (2004) and there are a lot of similar first-person shooters that are free and open-source for linux, but really this one is very well polished, the graphics are still more than decent compared to recent games and the single player game is just excellent, which is not always the case in other games. The action occurs on Mars in a cool eighties-style techno-metal base... The id website doesn't sell the full version anymore, but it is on steam and costs US$ 19.