Industrial facility images

These are images extracted from a video we have been doing recently, that we cannot share yet. All the modeling is done with blender, rendered with the internal engine on my new favorite renderfarm, Fox renderfarm. I was until now using terrain topology from google earth, since sketchup was able to download it. Now using the latest version of sketchup on wine that functionality doesn't work anymore. So I turned to another, much better solution: Satellite-generated heightmaps. I tried first with landsat imagery, that you can find a bit everywhere (on the IBGE website for Brazil, for example). But my brother showedme something much better: Landsat satellites have only a precision of 90x90m. NASA's new Aster satellite have a precision of 30x30m, and the whole dataset is available for download at (datasets->elevations->aster). You need a bit of work to convert and make the heightmaps match the imagery, but once that is done, you have you r terrain topology quickly and accurately done.