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From Yorik

World cup stadiums in the blender game engine

This is a job we've recently made with Chico Ortiz for an exhibition currently running at the SESC Pompéia in São Paulo, until 30th of June.

The idea was to show a couple of stadiums interactively, so you can see their shape and surroundings, then enter them and experiment how it feels to play football there... Maíra and me made the modeling, while Chico made the game logic, python scripting, the menus and all the game system. Everything runs in the blender game engine, and is displayed in 2 consoles in the expo (on first floor, next to the spiral stair):

Here is a video of the in-game feel...

And last but not least, here are the files! Here are the 4 stadiums (74Mb zip file). In short we'll put the complete game files...

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