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permalink:  447   posted on 02.03.2018 16:32
From Yorik
Commenting post 446: Yes this is all in a corner of my mind already... But your suggestions give me another idea that could be good too:

In order to identify and try to define what that "ideal" BIM workflow would be, it might be interesting to express a series of goals to be achieved, for example:

- Be possible for someone who never did BIM before to learn more or less easily
- Be possible for someone used to other BIM software to learn more or less easily
- Be able to model simple houses
- Be able to model complex buildings with repetitive components
- Be able to produce nice-looking, complete and up-to-date 2D plans
- Be able to produce complete and up-to-date lists of quantities
- Be able to produce nice-looking images
- Be able to study the thermal behaviour of buildings
- Be able to produce buildings that are compliant to local thermal regulations

etc, etc... There would be some organizing to do there, subdivide this into subitems, etc. But it might be a good way to approach things.

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