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From Yorik

2019 works

Finally backposting works we did in 2018/2019

Drawings done for a preservation project for the Casarão do Belvedère in São Paulo

in categories  works  detail  permalink:  250   posted on 18.08.2016 2:28
From Yorik
Installation drawings for a work of art in ceramics

in categories  works  detail  blender  3d  permalink:  249   posted on 18.08.2016 2:26
From Yorik
Another office transformation, with OpeningDesign

in categories  works  detail  permalink:  248   posted on 18.08.2016 2:24
From Yorik
Office rehab in the US, with OpeningDesign

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From Yorik

Low-income residential project

Construction documents for another low-income residential project by AKF Arquitetura.

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From Yorik

Low-income residencial project

Construction documents of a low-income residential project in Brazil - Project by AKF arquitetura.

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From Yorik
More construction drawings for a low-income residential project

in categories  works  detail  permalink:  135   posted on 01.10.2015 24:47
From Yorik
More construction documents for low-income projects in Brazil. Again, not much to be done in terms of architectural quality, but we always try nevertheless to deliver the best documents as we can, not simply in terms of graphical quality, but to provide solid and reliable material.

in categories  works  detail  permalink:  129   posted on 01.10.2015 24:23
From Yorik
More construction documents for a low-income residential project. Obviously not much to be done in such projects in term of architecture, but we try at least to put as much quality as we can in the drawings...

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From Yorik
Posting a couple of works we've been doing this year...

This is part of a larger job we've been doing for one of the major projects being built now in Brazil. Unfortunately our job was not very glorious since it consisted mainly in detailing the restrooms, but it's pretty interesting to see how these huge international projects work internally...

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From Yorik

Residential project

Extracts from construction documents we did for a project by AKF Arquitetura.

in categories  works  detail  permalink:  318   posted on 06.09.2013 5:17
From Yorik

Execution drawings

Some execution drawings we have done with Mário Francisco for a residential project in Brazil...

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From Yorik

Costa do Ipê base project

We finally finished the intermediary part of the Costa do Ipê project, which is used to submit the project to authorities for approval, and will also be used by other designers involved in the project to do their work. All the work was done by a 3-person team (myself, Maíra and our friend Dani, and I am pleased to say a good 60% of it was done on linux platforms. The software used (surely some will ask ) was mainly Blender, FreeCAD and Draftsight.

We are very happy with the result, it represented a lot of work, and is going very much in the direction we wished, thanks principally to the excellent relationship and mutual understanding we have with the owners and masterminds of the project, Sílvia and Marc. The project itself is getting more and more stripped down to its bare function of "life support", which reduces the overall cost (no expensive material, no unnecessary elements) and widens the possibilities of adaptation and evolution (all the vegetation design and the "shading plan" has been left for posterior phases and those are now totally independent of the building structure).

All the project is thought as a low-impact intervention, at economical, social, environmental and urban levels. It relies a lot on pedestrian and public transport transit, offers a large public space, has reduced physical footprint on the terrain, is planned to have a very low energy consumption, reuse most of its water, and to evolve and adapt itself to whatever the socioeconomic situation will require in the next decades... But best of all, and this was thought right from the start by Sílvia and Marc, it is a public space first, before being a shopping mall... There is little doubt that it will be quite successful given the current local socioeconomic situation, but the priorities are in the inverse order as you usually see in similar projects, and it is really thrilling to see happening what might be a completely new way to think and do such projects...

3D images and a video of the projects are available, as well as more information about the design itself.

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From Yorik

Factory execution project

The factory project we've been doing with Mário Francisco Arquitetura is finally out. Here go a sample of the execution drawings...

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From Yorik

House transformation project

A little house project by Ferraz & Santa Cruz architects, where we made the execution drawings:

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From Yorik

Factory design

A proposal for a factory we recently did with arch Mário Francisco. The project is now on the rails and we're doing the execution documents. More to come...

More detalis and execution drawings here.

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From Yorik
Meanwhile, we've been doing some background work on a really big project...

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From Yorik

Execution project of a dispensary

Meanwhile, we've been doing the execution project of this small health facility in Brazil...

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From Yorik

Execution drawings of a small building

We've been doing these execution documents these days for a project by Mario Francisco Arquitetura...

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From Yorik
3 sheets from the latest project we detailed...

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From Yorik
a residential project we've been working on lately:

in categories  detail  permalink:  22   posted on 17.12.2008 14:22
Another house in the Serra, the project is by Ana Cristina Malta, the drawing (and problem-solving) is ours...

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From Yorik