Hi, this is my blog, and also a guestbook. I publish stuff I do from time to time. Be welcome and feel at home, have a coffee and don't hesitate to drop me a line or two. All languages are highly welcome, especially the most exotic ones (nederlands, bij voorbeeld...).

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in categories  works  wordpress  webdesign  permalink:  317   posted on 06.09.2013 5:13
From Yorik

Mario's site

A clean and minimalist wordpress theme we have been doing for our friend Mario Francisco.

in categories  opensource  webdesign  permalink:  85   posted on 12.05.2011 5:14
From Yorik

Handheld version

This site now has a special display mode when viewed with a handheld device. It is pretty simple to achieve, it is all made with CSS and works the same way as for printing: You just define new rules inside a "@media handheld { }" declaration. Your handheld browser will do the rest. The best way is to define a set of classes for your "main" screen mode, then overclass some of them inside the handheld (and print) section(s), like this for example:

.myDiv {
    background: black;
    color: white;
    width: 800px;
@media handheld {
    .myDiv {
        width: auto;

The myDiv class will appear white on black in both cases, but on normal screen it will have a width of 800 pixels while on handhelds it will have an automatic width.

in categories  works  opensource  webdesign  wordpress  permalink:  65   posted on 28.11.2010 3:56
From Yorik
A wordpress theme I just made for the Trezentos site. The theme can be downloaded from my deviantArt page.

in categories  works  webdesign  wordpress  permalink:  186   posted on 28.11.2010 3:52
From Yorik
An unfortunately not approved design for Paulo Teixeira's website:

in categories  works  webdesign  opensource  wordpress  permalink:  280   posted on 28.11.2010 3:47
From Yorik
O Teatro Magico website

This is the last website we made for the band O Teatro Magico. It is mostly drawn by hand and made with wordpress and buddypress, with many home-made plugins... Enjoy! For who is interested in the theme, it is available here.

in categories  works  webdesign  permalink:  122   posted on 09.06.2009 13:36
From Yorik

A new theme for the inventario de receitas

This is a blogger theme I made for our internationally famous cooperative receipes blog:

Visit the blog here
The full theme is CC-licensed and available here