last update: 01.11.2006
WORKS 2006
On this page are several projects I worked on (or am working on) during year 2006. All 3D is made with blender, which is a fantastic piece of software that I recommend a lot. It's free and opensource, don't hesitate to download and have a look.  Some drawings are hand-drawn, of course, and painted with the computer. I have to mention that most of the 3D renderings have no post-processing ("photoshopping") of any kind...
Some images for a shopping center project made at C&S
These images were made to study the general groundworks and level changes.
The model from which these images are rendered served as an interactive support for discussions and decision taking.
Some other studies for the same project. These of course are hand drawings, which got painted with the computer.
a residential tower project
Some quick studies for a private residence
Those images were made for a quick presentation of a simple exhibition hall. All presented documents, including  sections and plans, were issued from a 3D model.
The following images are from a commercial centre project made at C&S that includes an open-mall, a cinema, a football club and two office towers. The whole project organizes itself along two longitudinal inner streets.
These are from a gas station in Belgium...
The following images are from a rehabilitation project in Madrid, made at C&S. These images were mounted directly onto the photographs of existing conditions, to be able to show a before/after comparison.
An image to show the integration of a vending booth in a shopping center.
Two images of a project for a recording studio.
And a quick rendering for a façade of a shopping mall...
A couple of renderings for a museum project in São Paulo...
And to close the year, an office park project in São Paulo.
and some atmosphere drawings for a supermarket: