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last update: 01.01.2009
This are works made by Maíra and me in 2008. Enjoy!
From Yorik works  3d    495  posted on 27.12.2008 16:49
the last images of the year!

From Yorik works  cad    491  posted on 17.12.2008 10:51
Another house in the Serra, the project is not ours, only the drawing (and problem-solving of course)...

From Yorik works  animations    485  posted on 10.12.2008 19:26
Another shopping mall movie!

Shopping Serra Walkthrough from Maíra Zasso on Vimeo.

From Yorik projects  works  cad    481  posted on 30.11.2008 10:47
PACE Rev05
Finalement le projet de Grégoire est au stade (presque) exécutif, hourra!

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, il y a des fichiers dwg et pdf disponibles sur le site du projet...

From Yorik works  3d    480  posted on 30.11.2008 10:42
A couple of new images for a residencial lot in Brazil:

From Yorik works  3d    479  posted on 30.11.2008 10:39
Images for another corporate project in Africa:

From Yorik works  3d    465  posted on 11.11.2008 15:22
Some preliminar images for an aborted project

From Yorik works  sketches    449  posted on 20.10.2008 9:33
A new hand-made drawing

From Yorik works  3d    448  posted on 20.10.2008 9:33
New vegetation added to the greenhouse and to an older work:

From Yorik works  3d    433  posted on 11.10.2008 11:45
more shopping malls!

From Yorik works  3d    414  posted on 25.09.2008 16:59
New renderings of a serie of houses:

From Yorik works  sketches    401  posted on 17.09.2008 23:46
Presentation sketches for another shopping mall...

From Yorik works  3d    382  posted on 09.09.2008 10:51
Studies for lights made by our friend Carolina

From Yorik works  3d    376  posted on 04.09.2008 12:01
a new rendering of a small building...

From Yorik works  sketches    372  posted on 02.09.2008 20:13
3 more sketches of shopping malls!

From Yorik works  3d    361  posted on 25.08.2008 13:30
A serie of images for a corporate building project:

From Yorik works  3d    328  posted on 13.07.2008 14:20
A couple of new 3d images:

From Yorik works  3d    310  posted on 25.06.2008 12:37
2 more renderings we just made:

From Yorik works  sketches    270  posted on 09.06.2008 13:28
7 new fresh shopping malls drawings...

From Yorik works  3d    253  posted on 01.06.2008 18:21
A couple of still images from the last videos we made:

From Yorik works  animations    230  posted on 20.05.2008 14:44
Finally, our serie of shopping malls animations is ready. Enjoy!

Alto de Pinheiros Shopping Mall Walkthrough from Yorik van Havre on Vimeo.

Jundiai shopping mall walkthrough from Yorik van Havre on Vimeo.

Perdizes shopping mall walkthrough from Yorik van Havre on Vimeo.

Hortolandia shopping mall walkthrough from Yorik van Havre on Vimeo.

Largo 13 shopping mall walkthrough from Yorik van Havre on Vimeo.

Valinhos shopping mall walkthrough from Maíra Zasso on Vimeo.

Formula shopping mall walkthrough from Maíra Zasso on Vimeo.

From Yorik works  sketches    213  posted on 14.05.2008 11:10
Drawings for a new shopping center in Campinas, this time the project design is made by us too!

From Yorik works  sketches    212  posted on 14.05.2008 11:04
Two new drawings of the home theater

From Yorik works    190  posted on 04.05.2008 22:34
A logo I just designed for a friend... All made in inkscape.

From Yorik works  3d    182  posted on 25.04.2008 9:49

A last work of us, entirely done with Blender, no Photoshopping at all... To the left, the original picture, to the right the modified one. Note the change of sight angle between original and manipulated views... All done using blender sticky coordinates.

From Yorik works    170  posted on 16.04.2008 19:18
My last work, the graphic design of the HackerTeen website...

From Yorik works  sketches    151  posted on 08.04.2008 9:28
Two more hand drawings of a house...

From Yorik works  sketches    98  posted on 18.03.2008 9:36
new drawings...

From Yorik works  sketches    90  posted on 11.03.2008 24:31
2 more hand drawings:

From Yorik works  sketches    82  posted on 28.02.2008 19:39
More hand drawings

From Yorik works  sketches    75  posted on 24.02.2008 20:43
Another hand+gimp drawing of a double house

From Yorik works  sketches    67  posted on 24.02.2008 20:05
A couple of hand+gimp drawings we just made:

From Yorik works    40  posted on 29.01.2008 8:27
A website I just finished. I only did the graphic design: