Works of 2012

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From Yorik

Shopping mall images

A couple of images (blender internal renderer) of a shoppjng mall. Project by Renato Bianconi.

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From Yorik

cycles + hand renders

More of those images made in gimp on top of a cycles render... Project by Adriana Furst. The last one is a garden design made 100% in gimp. Why use autocad anymore?

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From Yorik

cycles + hand drawings

Two new images made with cycles (+ hand finish in gimp) for a project by Adriana Furst...

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From Yorik

Hand rendering, and cycles test

A hand rendering I did for a house by Adriana Furst. Below is also a little test with the cycles renderer. Doing exterior lighting with cycles is a bit tricky, but it can surely give amazing results, I need to try more...

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From Yorik

Factory execution project

The factory project we've been doing with Mário Francisco Arquitetura is finally out. Here go a sample of the execution drawings...

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From Yorik

House transformation project

A little house project by Ferraz & Santa Cruz architects, where we made the execution drawings:

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From Yorik

Factory design

A proposal for a factory we recently did with arch Mário Francisco. The project is now on the rails and we're doing the execution documents. More to come...

More detalis and execution drawings here.

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From Yorik
residencial hand renderings

Project by Adriana Furst.

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From Yorik

House renderings

A couple of images for a house projected by our friend Daniela Walty...