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This site is my personal homepage. You'll find here my own architecture projects, drawings I made for other architects, and an ever growing open source section containing tutorials and other projects I participate. For the most adventurous reader, there is also a personnal section containing, well, all kind of stuff...
So feel free to browse around, have fun, and if you liked (or not), or if you have any question I might be able to respond, don't hesitate to leave me a message on the guestblog. I'm also on

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Our architecture studio, located in São Paulo, Brazil.
O nosso estúdio de arquitetura, localizado em São Paulo, Brasil.
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The Guestblog 
This is my blog and also where things happen on this site. I post there about almost everything I do, so be sure to check it for fresh news. It is open for anyone to read and write, so don't hesitate to leave me some comments!

Architecture projects

This section presents architecture projects completely made and conceived by myself or in collaboration with friends. Feel free to download and reuse the available files.

added on 02.11.2016
Casa Natureza  blend   license
An open-source project for a modernist house in the grand tradition of Brazilian modernist dream houses, that works in northern hemisphere climates.
added on 03.05.2016
UBS Riacho Fundo in Brasília  blend   license
A project for a n UBS (Unidade Básica de Saúde - Basic Health Unit) in Brasil. Taking grip on the new very human policies of the Health department in Brazil, we tried to make it a home, rather than a hospital, and consider health as a holistic matter, where architecture can truly play its symbiosis role. Project made with Maíra and Mário Francisco Arquitetura.
added on 22.09.2015
Services Center in Pirituba  blend   license
A project for a small services and commerce center, typically aimed at the local bairro. Made with Maíra and AKF.
added on 14.09.2015
Mixed use in Itu  blend   license
A project for a high-density mixed-use compound in Itu, Brazil, based on a urban functioning organized around a central public space. Made with Maíra and AKF.
added on 28.07.2014
Belo Horizonte administrative center  blend   blend   license
A competition entry for the Belo Horizonte Administrative Centre competition, made with Maíra.
added on 11.12.2013
Yaroslavl Spartacus Alive  license
A competition entry for the Yaroslavl Spartacus Alive competition in Yaroslavl, Russia, made with Maíra.
added on 11.12.2013
Mercado Público de Florianópolis  blend   license
A proposal for a new roof for the central open space of the Public Market of Florianópolis, Brazil, made with Maíra.
added on 25.09.2013
Parque Augusta 
Uma proposta para o Parque Augusta em São Paulo, Brasil, feita com Maíra. English text available here.
added on 17.05.2012
Lanxess factory 
A green factory project in Brazil, made with Maíra and Mário Francisco Arquitetura. The buildings are totally open, rely heavily on natural ventilation and lighting.
added on 06.11.2011
Costa do Ipê Parque Shopping 
An ongoing project made with Maíra for an open mall in Marília.
added on 27.07.2011
A theorical neighbourhood-wide green roof project made with Maíra for the Gowanus canal competition in New York.
added on 01.07.2011
Casa Grégoire 
A project of a house for Lívia and Grégoire made with Maíra. The idea is a very simple shell, made with bioconstruction, that simply defines a frame in a garden.
added on 29.06.2011
51  blend
A project made with Maíra, Angélica and Sander for the cachaça 51 in Brazil.
added on 18.11.2010
Interlagos  blend   license
A proposal Maíra and me made for the Interlagos Formula One circuit in Brazil. The whole project was made in collaboration with HVC Arquitetura, and rendered this animation.
added on 13.06.2010
Open Mall  blend   license
A project Maíra and me made for an open shopping mall in Brazil. It is a solid, dense stack of shops and offices wrapped around an oasis-like tropical courtyard. More images and 3D files here.
added on 19.03.2010
Frei Caneca  license
A project entry for the Frei Caneca competition in São Paulo. The project is actually a "non-project", made of 100 micro-interventions without any masterplan. Made with Angelica, Maíra & Sander. More images here.
added on 13.09.2009
Open Fort 400  blend   license
A project entry for the OpenFort 400 competition in Amsterdam. The proposal investigates density, stacking, and infectious spots as ferment for innovative urban design. More images here.
added on 15.02.2009
Delft Faculteit Bouwkunde  license
A quite theorical competition project for the new Faculteit Bouwkunde building of the Delft University, that was, although the result is far from usual, a tremendous reflexion experience. Made with Maíra & Sander.
added on 23.05.2008
Bodø City Harbour Competition  license
This is a competition for the transformation of the old harbour of Bodø, Norway, into a living city waterfront. The project was made with Angelica, Maíra & Sander.
added on 01.07.2008
Kallari chocolate factory competition 
This is an entry for a competition held by Arch for Humanity in Ecuador. The proposal gathers different "modules" under one big slab-like roof, assembled like a space station. The full entry documents can be found here.
added on 14.05.2008
This quick project was sketched in a couple of days and never went further than that. Neverthless, since we got total freedom to design what we wanted, the experience got interesting...
added on 11.06.2007
Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação   blend   license
This is a project for a new facilities center for the NGO Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação in Brazil. It is hosted on OAN since it is an open participation project. Come have a look and help us...
added on 20.04.2007
San Isidro lofts building  blend   license
A competition project for a residencial building in Lima. Mainly a reflexion over diffraction, opening, circulation space as a social system and a quest for some new life quality. Made with Maíra and Janis.
added on 08.02.2007
Stockholm Library  blend   license
A not so recent project made with Maíra and Janis, it is the official celebration of our come-back in the world of architecture competitions...
added on 31.01.2007
Pennington Road footbridge  blend   license
A competition project for a footbridge in Liverpool, made with Maíra and Janis. A tentative to intersect the dark industrial past and a kind of nostalgic feeling, along with a strong over-tensionated movement...
added on 30.12.2006
Vila Mariana Roof
A small project for a roof cover in a factory in São Paulo, made with Amá arquitetos. It is very simple and zen. Unfortunately the project got canceled, so the real thing didn't happen...
added on 01.11.2005
Malama Learning Center  blend   license
Another competition project made with Maíra and Thomas in 2003 for a community centre in Kapolei, Hawaii. This one focused around integration between human being and environment.
added on 23.04.2005
Moscow City Hall  license
A competition project for the new city hall of Moscow, Russia, made in 2002 with Thomas. The project constructs itself on a grid that grows in all directions, spreading out of its bath.
added on 23.04.2005
Aomori Northern Style Housing Complex  license
A competition project for a housing complex in Aomori, Japan. Made in 2001 with Maíra. It deals with difference of scales in surrounding urban environment and heavy population density in compact area. It also suggests different daylife routine and social interaction.
added on 24.02.2011
Algumas idéias e experimentações, utópicas ou nem tanto, que eu e/ou amigos tivemos para melhorar nossa cidade...

Works & Renderings

Here you'll find architecture renderings and other types of graphical work, architecture documents, drawings, websites, logos, animations made for other architects or planners or, before 2006, while working in architecture studios.

last modified on 22.05.2007
Curriculum Vitae English   Français  Nederlands  Português
Want to hire me? See how to contact me? That's the place.

by category

Below are works grouped by type
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3D works, images,renderings, animations, etc...

added on 21.08.2011
Hand drawing works such as sketches, drawings and hand-made renderings

added on 21.08.2011
CAD work and execution drawings

added on 19.02.2006
These are the most recent architecture animations we made. The older ones can also be viewed with less quality here.

by date

Below are all my works grouped by year
added on 11.01.2017
Works of 2017 
The latest ones, fresh from the oven. Still fairly empty!

added on 11.01.2017
Works of 2016 
All the works of 2016: 3D, Construction documents, and a series of our own projects.

added on 16.02.2015
Works of 2015 
Jobs we did in 2015

added on 16.01.2014
Works of 2014 
A selection of my work of 2014

added on 16.01.2013
Works of 2013 
The works archive of 2013

added on 01.01.2012
Works of 2012 
The works of 2012

added on 09.01.2011
Works of 2011 
The works we did in 2011...

added on 01.01.2010
Works of 2010 
The 2010 collection!

added on 02.01.2009
Works of 2009 
The works we made in 2009. Lots of 3D, some websites, a couple of hand drawings, and even a little bit of CAD work. Wish I had made more architecture projects...

added on 24.02.2008
Works of 2008 
The complete works of 2008. Contains a bit of everything me and Maíra did during that year.

added on 03.04.2007
Works of 2007 
This page shows works made in 2007, with some sketches, perspectives and 2d drawings of architecture projects... As always now, all 3D is made with Blender.
added on 01.01.2006
Works of 2006 
Some of the works made in 2006. That year we started to work as independent free-lance architects.

added on 01.01.2005
Works of 2005 
Works made in 2005, mostly at Cabeza Sastre.

added on 01.01.2004
Works of 2004 
Works made in 2004, also at Nasser Hissa.

added on 01.01.2003
Works of 2003 
Works made in 2003 while working at Nasser Hissa Arquitetos in Fortaleza.

added on 01.01.2002
Works of 2002 and before 
Works made in 2002, several made at GAD'Design in Porto Alegre, and some other stuff from before, like travel drawings, etc...

Open-source corner

Here are samples of my activities in the open-source world. There are tutorials, code, scripts, themes, models and other things. Everything here is Creative Commons License , so feel free to download, copy and reuse at you own will. Also check the guestblog for more...

added on 05.04.2006
Blender stuff 
This page contains scripts and themes I made for Blender, all freely available to download and use as you wish.
added on 17.04.2007
FreeCAD stuff 
This page contains custom linux builds and stuff I'm developing for FreeCAD. You are welcome (read: begged) to install FreeCAD, test it and give us some feedback...
added on 19.01.2008
Linux stuff 
This page contains themes, scripts and config files I made mostly for my own system. Feel free to copy or use...
added on 17.11.2009
Wordpress plugins 
This page contains plugins for wordpress. They are also available via the wordpress plugin repository.

added on 07.03.2009
Architecture workflow on Linux 
A short article explaining what kind of architecture workflow you can do on Linux.

added on 17.07.2007
The Blender greenhouse 
This is a repository of (hopefully) realistic plants and trees made with ngPlant and Blender, for use in your 3D scenes as 3D models or as alpha textures for billboard-style vegetation.
added on 01.01.2009
Alpha textures 
These are alpha textures in .png format I made over time, free to use and reuse...

added on 24.03.2008
Blender external renderers comparison  
This is a quick comparison of what I could get from several free external renderers availables for blender. This is not an extensive comparison, but a quick test of what a new user can expect to achieve quickly.
added on 11.06.2008
Rendering plugin for ngPlant 
This is a plugin I made for ngPlant, that allows to render an image directly from it, without the need to export to another program.
added on 20.11.2010
ngPlants collection 
This is my collection of ngPlants, the same used to create the plants textures in the textures section. You can now download all of them together with the textures.


A couple of tutorials I wrote over time

added on 01.06.2006
Urban design with Blender 
A tutorial showing two examples of how Blender can be used in designing very large urban environments.

added on 21.07.2006
Introduction to architecture modeling with Blender  
A tutorial explaining the basics of architecture modeling with Blender

added on 15.04.2008
Modeling architecture with precision in Blender  
A tutorial about modeling architecture precisely in Blender.

added on 18.09.2009
Architecture composition with Blender  
An article showing how Blender is an excellent platform for architecture creation, based on a project I made some time ago.
added on 06.11.2006
Parametric objects in Blender  
An article showing how to make parametric objects in Blender.

added on 01.02.2008
Treemaking tutorial 
A tutorial showing how to model realistic-looking vegetation with open-source tools.

added on 04.06.2012
Python for architects 
A tutorial specially destinated at architects, to show the basics of open-source programming.

added on 23.07.2012
Get here the slides and videos of different talks I did...

Personal stuff

Here there is a bit of everything, ideas, experiments, and a couple of other things for your reading pleasure. Feel free to explore and reuse, everything is Creative Commons License ...

added on 11.09.2013
My new personal WIP...
added on 23.04.2005
Graphic novels 
This is a collection of graphic novels I started over time and for most of them never really finished...
added on 22.09.2006
Derrière les lignes ennemies 
Une petite histoire écrite en 2001 lors d'un grand match de coupe du monde qui opposa la Belgique au Brésil...
added on 22.09.2006
Yorik au tribunal 
Un autre récit totalement véridique, ultra-réaliste, de mes mésaventures judiciaires. L'on y apprendra comment je m'en sortis honoris causa et habeas corpus...
added on 22.09.2006
75 heures d'enfer 
Où l'on apprendra comment nous traversâmes le continent en bus pouilleux, voyage qui dura non moins de 75 heures assurément historiques...
added on 22.09.2006
Un synopsis que j'ai écrit un jour, et dont je ne sus que faire, sinon l'utiliser pour allonger cette page, à défaut d'autres usages moins honorables.
added on 01.01.2009
The guestblog, which is my blog, but also where things happen on this site. You are welcome to add your word there too! And for the real passionate, here are the 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 archives of this famous, internationally awarded guestblog...
started on 22.08.2006
Une passionnante épopée imaginée et écrite à au moins 10 mains par les habitués de ce site, dont votre serviteur. Déjà parus, Duel à la petite cuiller, et un tome 2 qui tourna court...
added on 22.01.2005
A couple of musical experiments I made an absurdly long time ago, Please be clement if you dare to enter there...
added on 22.01.2005
Some old and simple flash animations I made mostly to entertain friends, but that neverthless were good training for discovering animation techniques.
added on 16.01.2011
My Orange Project 
This is my 2011 animation project...
added on 14.05.2011
Trilhas no Brasil 
Algumas trilhas que a Maíra e eu percorremos no Brasil...
added on 18.11.2011
My miserable attempts at photography, registered here (also on Facebook)...
added on 18.05.2012
O nosso inventário de receitas, para quem está com fome...
added on 02.04.2013
My links 
My links collection, now self-hosted.