Yorik's FreeCAD page

This page contains stuff related to FreeCAD. FreeCAD is an open-source engineering platform. It is basically a 3D modeller, with focus on engineering, like Catia or SolidWorks. It is extremely open and versatile, has many interesting features being developed such as parametric modeling, total python access to any part of the program, and a strong BRep-based modeling kernel. Below, you can find my custom linux builds, and samples of my activity on FreeCAD.

Custom Builds

Note: Several of the following package are non-standard and might not work on your system. Before downloading any of them, please check on the main downlaod page if there isn't a more standard package for your system. These are FreeCAD builds for 64bits debian-based systems (Debian, Ubuntu and derivates). They have all options enabled and have been compiled with standard optimization for 64bit athlon CPU. If you're looking for other platforms, check the official download page. Note that these builds don't include openCascade neither SoQt4, which are required to make FreeCAD work. These libraries have both recently been made available in debian repositories, and appear in current Debian and Ubuntu package management systems.


Additional libraries

This is the Pivy package, which is needed in latest FreeCAD packages (rev >= 2087): python-pivy_0.5.0~svn765-2_amd64.deb

Note for Ubuntu users: I compiled this version of FreeCAD against OpenCasCade 6.3, which is available as default in debian squeeze/testing. If the version in your ubuntu repositories is 6.2 (before karmic), you will need to download and install manually the 6.3 version. from the debian repository. Since 6.3 has the same dependencies as 6.2, it will be handled just fine by your package manager. You will just need the foundation and modeling libraries here: libopencascade-foundation-6.3.0 libopencascade-modeling-6.3.0.