My apt sources.list file

This is just for me to remember, actually, but here it goes neverthless. These are my software repositories for Debian Testing. I have the Unstable index in there too, so be sure to set the appropriate priorities as explained here, or comment out the unstable line.

          # official debian repositories. Beware, there are unstable and experimental there.   deb testing main contrib non-free   deb-src testing main contrib non-free   deb testing/updates main contrib non-free   deb experimental main      deb unstable main contrib non-free      deb-src testing main contrib non-free   # wine, to get the most recent version, much more updated than offcial debian   deb squeeze main    # google, mainly to get chrome updated      deb testing non-free    # debian multimedia, for ffmpeg with all non-free codecs    deb testing main    # spring, a RTS game    deb jaunty main      # wxwidgets, temporary hack to get a better version     deb lenny-wx main     # unknown horizons, a CIV-style game    deb weekly main    # opera     deb squeeze non-free    # playdeb, almost everything works on debian too    deb karmic-getdeb games    # EKD video editor      deb squeeze contrib