How to import google earth terrain data into blender

Quite easy, actually. You need google earth, sketchup (free edition), python and blender installed.

  1. Open google earth and zoom to where you want to import. You might need to zoom closer than you want, because sketchup has an altitude limit. In that case, do several parts
  2. Open sketchup, and press "get current view" button
  3. After import, press the "toggle terrain" button
  4. Right-click the terrain, Unlock, then Explode
  5. Export as a kmz model
  6. Save a color image from the same view in google earth (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  7. Rename the saved .kmz file extension to .zip
  8. Unzip it
  9. There will be a "models" folder with a .dae file inside. Open that file with blender's Collada 1.4 import script
  10. Select everything and scale by 0.00001 (more or less)
  11. Unparent everything (Alt+P)
  12. Change the black and white texture by the image you just saved from google earth