Hi Mohammad,

Hi Mohammad, Well animating a car is pretty easy, since you don't need to deform it, so you don't need to use bones. There are two easy ways:

  • method 1: put your car somewhere. Press i (record keyframe), then select LocRotScale. Then, go 10 frames further. Move the car to a new position. Press i and LocRotScale again, etc, etc...
  • method 2: place your car somewhere. Create a Bezier curve. Edit the bezier curve so it represents the path your car must follow. Move the car to the start point of the curve. Parent the car to the bezier curve like this: select the car, shift-select the curve, then Ctrl+P, and select Follow Path.

After that you can play through your frames and see if the movement is good. If you used method 1, in the NLA editor you can move or delete your keyframes. Hope it helps! Cheers Yorik