Belgian cuisine

For who doesn't know, I maintain with a couple of friends a food blog. We meet quite often to cook, eat, and put the results on the blog if the receipe was successful. The blog has been a bit abandonned recently, mainly because one of us, Mariel, is now passing her whole year travelling and our little community has lost its captain, but I decided to initiate a big comeback.

Below is a small selection of a couple of typical belgian dishes that are illustrated on the blog. The blog is written in portuguese, but there is a button on the right sidebar that allow you to googletranslate in other languages, which is normally more than sufficient to understand the receipes correctly. Smaakelijk eten, or bon appétit!



Salade liégeoise

Chicons au gratin

Brown sugar tart

Carbonnades à la Liégeoise

Vlaams stoofvlees