Controlling the HeeksCAD interface from python

It is actually pretty simple, it works almost exactly like using PyQT in FreeCAD. You must have the heekspython plugin installed and activated in heekscad, and the wxPython package installed, of course. Inside HeeksCAD's python console:

import wxmw = wx.GetTopLevelWindows()[0]mw.SetStatusText("hello!")menu = mw.GetMenuBar()mymenu = wx.wxMenu()mymenu.Append(wx.wxID_ABOUT,"My &Menu","A sample menu item")menu.Append(mymenu,"Test")dia = wx.Dialog(None,-1)pan = wx.Panel(dia,-1)box = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)box.Add(wx.StaticText(pan,-1,"Hello World!"))box.Add(wx.Button(pan,-1,"Press me!"))pan.SetSizer(box)dia.Show()

More about wxpython here...