My animation project for this year: the Orange project

I've been thinking of a project to do this year, that would teach me something new, be small enough so I can carry it alone in the few free moments I have outside work and my other projects, and that I would be able to document completely from start to finish, including steps, difficulties found, and a try at cost/time estimation, so the experience can benefit others.

And today as I was walking in town I imagined this small scenario, that would fit perfectly in that scope. It might be simplish, but the idea is to have something small enough so I'm sure I can finish it. I'll turn it into a 2D, classical-style animation, that I'll do as always 100% with open-source software (mypaint, gimp and inkscape for sure, probably synfig too, although I'll need to train a bit with it first). I'll also try to do the soundtrack and music. The whole animation should last about 15 seconds. I'll call it provisorily "orange", in honour to the blender institute:)

I estimate the time to complete to a couple of months, but depending on the available time it could very well extend to a year or so. The next steps will be to build a good planning of the tasks that need to be done, beginning with rewriting a more extended scenario, drawing a storyboard and creating a spreadsheet to keep track of the time spent on this (until now about 2h to think the story, but that's just luck, and 1/2h to write this post. I'll try my best to register anything I do with this project here (I'll create a shortcut link too to access it directly).

The synopsis

On a dark, desert, moon-like planet, a tribe of alien-like humanoids armed with primitive weapons is gathered as for attacking another army. On the other side, one single man, dressed with army space suit. He then presses a button on his sleeve-integrated PDA. Immediately, several spaceships that were hanging above the scene open their bellies and drop a sea of bombs. The bombs lock themselves on the yellow eyes of the aliens. The man grins, revealing a gold tooth. The last scene shows all the bombs changing their direction, after acquiring the new target...

So that's it for now, I just hope this is neither too stupid nor too ambitious, I suppose we'll see quickly how good an idea it was. Wish me luck!