This is a project we recently made with Sander and Angelica for the factory of cachaça 51, the largest and probably the most famous cachaça manufacturer worldwide. They are currently spread over several buildings in town and wanted a new building that would gather all administrative functions in one place, close to the main factory facilicy.

The main idea is to create a dialog with the existing reservoirs on the factory site. Those reservoirs contain the different ingredients used to make cachaça and other byproducts. They are a very important mark in the landscape, and have even become a touristic attraction in the city.

We also proposed a building that is symbolically strongly bound to the 51 brand. The number 51 appears everywhere in the project. The building is made of 6 blocks of 3 floors, connected by bridges inside a central atrium. The construction system is simple, the "cubes" can be made with a wide range of techniques, from steelframe to classical concrete structure, and the atrium has very small spans.

The central atrium connects everything in the building, and is the main space that visitors discover when they enter the facility. It has an interior garden, a "street bar", a museum, and all the bridges used to transit from a block to another. The functions inside the building are spread from the most public, right next to the entrance, to the most private, up the third floor.

On the terrain, behind the building, are also a new parking lot and a garden, and a pedestrian path that connects the administrative building to the factory.

The .blend file is available here.