Compiling YafaRay

I had to dig through several places to find the right info and tweak things a bit, so here goes the resume. This is on debian testing but should work on any updated linux distribution. I didn't have to install any extra libs, I suppose that if you can compile cycles you'll already have all you need...

cd ~/Sourcesgit clone git:// YafaRaycd YafaRaygit clone git:// Exportercp CMakeConfig/UserConfig.template UserConfig.txt

Change the following values in UserConfig.txt

set(BUILDRELEASE ON)set(USER_INSTALL_PREFIX "/home/yorik/Apps/YafaRay")set(YAF_PY_VERSION 3.2)

Then go on (I prefer to build outside of the source folder):

cd ~/Appsmkdir YafaRaycd YafaRaycmake ../Sources/YafaRaymakemake install

Then link evrything in blender scripts folder:

cd binln -s ../src/bindings/yafrayinterface.pyln -s ../src/bindings/_yafrayinterface.soln -s ../src/bindings/_yafqt.soln -s ../lib/libyafaraycore.soln -s ../lib/libyafarayplugin.soln -s ../lib/libyafarayqt.soln -s ../lib/yafaray pluginscd ~/.blender/scripts/addonsln -s ~/Sources/YafaRay/Exporter yafaraycd yafarayln -s ~/Apps/YafaRay/bin