FreeCAD plans

The 0.13 release of FreeCAD is being prepared and is almost ready (we are now uploading sources everywhere and building packages), so this is a good time to plan a little bit what I will be working on next...


  • Switch our wiki, mantis and phpbb to self-hosted
  • Try to achieve python3 compatibility, so we can have blender-in-freecad or freecad-in-blender again (basically import freecad files in blender and vice-versa)
  • Try to make standard icons use the current qt theme

Draft module

  • Separate upgrade and downgrade tools into smaller parts, to make them more extensible / configurable, and easier to fix bugs
  • Make upgrade and downgrade available in scripts (put them in
  • Turn the Draft snap icons into FreeCAD commands
  • Redo the dimension tools, simplify them (solve the orientation hell), use a placement, see if it is possible to base their coin node on Lukes sketcher dim node

Arch module

  • Better IFC import, get rid of internal parser if possible (keep it as a separate option), try to support IFC objects subcomponents (base polyline, separate shape representations, openings) if available
  • Better struct tool, allow placement, to choose base profile, etc
  • Add IFC export (add python bindings to IfcOpenShells exporter)
  • Add materials
  • Explore the concept of space, an empty volume limited by walls, floors, ceilings or anything else. Ideally have a two-way link between the space and its bordering elements (a space is defined by its borders, but changing the dimensions of a space could or should move its borders... seems difficult to achieve)
  • Explore the concept of floors, basically be able to calculate floor areas of a project. Maybe relate to spaces, but spaces might not always have a floor area...
  • Explore the concept of multilayer objects, typically walls. Many complications arise, such as capping, corners and openings...

More about what I plan for walls here

Spreadsheet module

  • Basic spreadsheet object
  • Basic spreadsheet viewer
  • Basic spreadsheet view (group of cells)

Drawing module

  • Allow the webkit viewer to draw a page background when viewing an svg file
  • Try to use the webkit viewer instead of the qsvg viewer. AFAICS main thing needed is signal-slot to update the contents.

If you want to keep updated with what I do there, check my assigned issues on the issue tracker