Quantity survey in FreeCAD

Today a friend quantity surveyor gave me this idea, that resulted in this quickly made but, I think, fast and useful tool, now available from the Arch workbench:

The idea is simple: you press the tool, then you pick edges, faces or whole objects (by double-clicking them). Each time, a label is added, a line is printed in the output window, and the numeric value is copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it in a spreadsheet. The quantity registered is a length, an area or a volume, depending on what you selected. The value is rounded according to the Draft dimension precision preference.

To finish, double-click on no object or click the toolbar button again. All the labels are then removed.

This does the job that other tools do (info macros, etc...) but I wanted something really fast and simple and adapted for quantity surveying, so you can easily select graphically the measurements you need, and keep your spreadsheet open and quickly fill the values.