FreeCAD Spaces

I just finished to give a bit of polish to the Arch Space tool of FreeCAD. Until now it was a barely geometric entity, that represents a closed space. You can define it by building it from an existing solid shape, or from selected boundaries (walls, floors, whatever).

Now I added a bit of visual goodness. The Space object has gained a label, which is nicely configurable. You can make it display arbitrary text, but also automatic things like the object's name, the floor area, or other properties such as tags. You can also tweak all the usual things such as font, size, alignment, etc. The first line can also be displayed in a different font size, and you can place the label anywhere, visually, with the Draft Edit tool. If you show the floor area, the new units system is taken into account and the area is shown in your preferred unit.

On the image above, all the texts with area underneath are automatically generated that way.

Space objects also gained some slots to specify material finishings for floor, walls and ceiling. These are not used for anything else than storing your own text entries at the moment, but no doubt we'll find some better use for them later...