This is a reposting of a 2008 project, because its original home at is threatened with extinction...

This project for a new space created to shelter the activities of the Pé de Arte, Cultura e Educação (PACE) NGO, made little after the birth of the NGO, has a very simple fundamental idea. A single, polyvalent, extensible open space.

It is designed to shelter a single group of 15 to 30 children, and offer to both the children and the adults, e different and constantly renovated experience, a large vision of the universe, and a strong connection with nature.

The very restricted budget of a newborn NGO, instead of harming the project, reinforced its simplicity and flexibility: It is thought to evolve along the development of the NGO, growing together, and gaining diversification.

At the end of its use, when the NGO grows and doesn't fit the place anymore, the project becomes a house, and starts a new life.

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