Dynamic menu for fluxbox

A little note to self inspired by this article. A quick way to add dynamic menus in fluxbox, for example to emulate that openbox pipe menus thingy that shows all your directories tree inside a menu...

First you have a script like this, that creates/updates a text file containing a fluxbox submenu:

echo "[submenu] (Works)  " >     /home/yorik/.fluxbox/worksfind / -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d -exec basename  ; | awk ' n"}' >> /home/yorik/.fluxbox/worksecho "[end]" >> /home/yorik/.fluxbox/works

Then in your fluxbox menu:

[include] (/home/yorik/.fluxbox/works)

Then you need to run the first script from time to time, for example adding it to your crontab.The apps are filled by the excellent xdgmenumaker...