Hi Yorik,

Hi Yorik,

Hope all is well with you. I had a great chat with Ryan Shultz yesterday and he mentioned that he was working with you and the freecad team on some stuff. I must admit that I have followed freecad for quite some time and even downloaded it to give it a go to see how effective it was for BIM authoring. I used to be a heavy user of BIM/computational design tools and I was just interested to see how it compared to the mainstream ones. I couldnt work it out but now I see that you have a new video out on how to use the Arch WB, it should make it easier for people to learn.

I am currently working on a project jenca.org which is an opensource scalable application platform for BiM. We are using kubernetes to maximise efficiency of running apps, providing a scalable and robust platform for developers to deploy their apps on. We aim to provide a place where cloud first BIM apps can be accessed by users simply through the Jenca GUI and users can spin up apps on demand as and when they need them.

We will provide a hosted service for users to develop projects on too and we will use a combination of plugins and IFC as an exchange method in and out of the jenca DAtabases.

I am really interested in seeing how we could work together as there seems to be alot of synergy between our projects. I think it would be really excited to offer a fully opensource BIM software pipeline and make it simple and accessible to users.

It would be really good to do a hangouts someday soon if you are interested in chatting more about this. If even, just to find out a bit more about what your plans are for freeCAD.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,