Sketchup To FreeCad

Commenting post 180: Sketchup To FreeCad I am trying to build a small house in FreeCad by transferring from Sketchup to FreeCad. I create a file in sketchup and import that to FreeCad and open it in the Arch workbench. I see a gray shape of the building. There are no windows or doors visible. In the wire frame mode one can see that they are there. The architectural tutorial says, “The Arch Workbench is very mesh-friendly. You can easily design an architectural model in a mesh-based application such as Blender or SketchUp and import it in FreeCAD. If you took care of the quality of your model and its objects are non-manifold solid shapes, turning them into architectural objects only requires the press of a button.� Your tutorial is too complex for me to follow. I am fairly proficient in Sketchup. I am totally new to CAD. Can you provide me a very basic step by step procedure that I can follow to make the imported file an architectural model? Somewhat on the level of Thank you for the time. Gary Granai