Hi Yorik

Hi Yorik Thanks for nice and useful site. Love it! Sketchup vs FreeCAD.

I am seeking a 2D/3D drawing program primary for architectural work, as a hobbyist but a serious kind! I am willing to invest some time in learning the program. I am very much in to Open Source programs and run Arch linux or debian linux as default OS. I want a program that uses the “right� standardized formats. I want to be able to make very good blueprint for renovation of my house and at the same time at program that can be used for making drawings for smaller projects in my woodworking shop. I am not sure that all these function can be found in one program. But which one comes the closest ? Sketchup or FreeCAD or a third program. I thought about FreeCAD with the Arch Workbench and then using Blender for rendering. But Sketchup looks straight forward and easy to use. The documentation and tutorial video for Sketchup I huge but my main concern with Sketchup is the printing and exporting function!

Please - input and and thoughts

Best reg. Frederik