Hi Yorik,

Hi Yorik,

First of all, great work on FreeCAD! I’m checking it out from time to time to see how things are going, as I would really like to work with BIM in Linux and open source. The sheer potential of FC is inspiring.

All that sad, I’m still struggling with the basic design workflow. The main problem is how to work with walls, windows and their baselines. We should be able to design from scratch, move the walls around and edit them freely and in any view. Right now this is very hard due to complicated relationships between elements (If we move the wall, baseline stays, if we move the wall baseline, window stays, if we edit the angle of the wall, everything is wrong, etc…)

Do you have some recommendations on how to do this basic operations if we want to use FreeCAD not just as a modeling-over-finished-layout tool but from the start of the project, as the central software in the design process? A few advices or examples would be really great!

Thanks in advance. All the best!